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A Time For Us...

This time in history is vastly significant for a variety of reasons... not only has the Pandemic of 2020 stopped us in our tracks and taken thousands of good men, women and children from the world, it has changed our lives and the way we must live them. We are part of a great collective; navigating the web and the airwaves to sustain and inform ourselves at a level we have never seen before.

This has truly become "A Time for Us"... A time to reflect on our values, our families and all that we are truly grateful for. A time to really pay attention to the details and perhaps recalibrate our focus on what we want and the direction we may be headed. Many of us are reorganizing our homes, our doll cabinets or our collections. We are finding little bits we'd forgotten about or realizing a new importance of some little treasure. We are finally taking the time to mend, restore or repair, or the time to finish that sewing project or artist piece.

As many of you can guess, this was my time to finally get this website up. Time to realign h0w I interact with the dolls, their history and the incredibly resilient collectors I work for and with. I have been able to take time to read and study and I am excited about the prospect of sharing some insights as the weeks and months unfold. Time has slowed down when we least expected it. Although, there are many experiences and rituals I miss (dinner out, a glass of wine with a friend, an afternoon at a friend's house, traveling and now the UFDC Convention) I am focusing on what makes my heart happy now. Like many of the girls in these pictures, we have time for really being with our passion. To revel in what we have accomplished and set out a new plan for what is to come. Make the most of this time... for when the world roars back to life and the pace resumes at a gallop, you may look back longingly, and wish for just a few of these golden days strung together, when life was suspended and demands on your time were just a bit more manageable.

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