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Passion; the seed of creativity

When we look at a beautiful creation, We know it must have been inspired by a deep-seated passion or inspiration.

Whether I am looking at a doll that was created in the 1850s, the 1880s, or on into the 20th century and beyond, those rules remain the same. Passion is what drives us, not only for creativity of beauty and art, but for all of the inventions that we benefit by today, whether they are technological, medical, industrial, or artistic.

We are captivated by "old passions"… The thought that someone long-ago was inspired and passionate enough to create something out of nothing, and bring it to life is undeniably fascinating and desirable.

With the advent of modern technology, and mass productions, many of us lean to past artistic and aesthetic achievements to add to the cachet of our collections . We want that rarity. However, isn't the same true of one-of-a-kind artist creations? Many Gallery owners would say yes, or auctioneers of fine arts. And there are those artists of today that passionately make incredibly beautiful one-of-a-kind dolls, that would also agree. But not many.

Too often, we lump modern creations under the same umbrella; "easy to come by" or "not rare enough."

Have we lost the ability to appreciate and value the passion and deep creativity that went into making something that's perhaps new or only 5, 10, or 15 years old? Especially when there are no more to be had? The hours, the labor, the backbreaking work and the nighttime squinting in dim light to make sure that it got done just so. Is this any different than a creation that was made 100 or 200 years ago?

I am fascinated by humanity's attractions. I understand many of them, although I question even myself for reasons why I would turn away from one beautiful item and turn instead to the next. Is the couturier of yesteryear's work more valuable than a couturier of possibly even higher talent that may have been born only 40 years ago?

I'm not certain there are any easy answers here… I do know that the artists of today are creating the antiques and rarities of tomorrow. I encourage all of us to open our eyes and take in the depth of passion and beauty that goes into every creation that was made from passion, love, and inspiration. The value is certainly there, and these beautiful creations will only become more valuable with time.

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