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Sandra Hulbert: A Legacy of Artistry, Passion, and Family Bonds

Lovingly related by her daughter, L. Herland


Sandra Hulbert's extraordinary journey through life was a testament to the power of unwavering passion, relentless dedication, and the pursuit of excellence in the world of art and craftsmanship. Born in the picturesque town of Springville, California, Sandra's artistic journey began in her twenties when her fascination with dolls ignited. She embarked on a creative path, delving into the delicate art of ceramics under the guidance of the renowned Annette Shank.

In a bold move, Sandra and her family later made their home in the remote village of Bethel, Alaska, where she worked as a meat packer. The stark contrast between the pristine wilderness of Alaska and the artistry of doll-making might seem unusual, but it was in this setting that Sandra's passion for ceramics continued to flourish. She recognized the need for creative outlets in this tight-knit community and opened her ceramics store, quickly becoming a cherished hub for creativity and artistic expression.

The next chapter in Sandra's life unfolded when her family relocated to Hemet, California. In this picturesque town nestled in Southern California, she was able to fully immerse herself in her artistic passions, particularly antique doll making. Sandra's dedication to the craft took her on a global journey, exploring diverse doll-making traditions from different cultures and historical periods. Her exceptional talents garnered international acclaim as her dolls became recognized as masterpieces of craftsmanship and artistry. During this period, Sandra spent countless hours mastering her craft, day in and day out, within her cherished doll studio. Her commitment to preserving the beauty and nearly lost art of antique dolls through meticulous attention to detail was resolute. Her creations stood as an artful fusion of history and creativity, each doll a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft.

Sadly, Sandra Hulbert’s talent and “Joie de Vivre” was cut short by a fatal episode of Covid 19 in January of 2022. In honor of the brilliant light this gifted artist shared with our community, Beautiful Bebes Antique Dolls is honored and proud to present Never Released Creations of this talented artist!

Please refer to our new ARTIST DOLLS category to see additions and updates. For those that have desired to own the illusive Thuillier or a tempting Jumeau, A-Marque, Paris Bebe, and others, now is the chance to add a gorgeous and display-ready beauty at a fraction of the price of an antique, created with all the love and attention to detail of the original Dolls of the Golden Age. New additions will be added weekly over the next sixty days!

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