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How to Safely Ship Antique Dolls

I am frequently asked for the best method to pack dolls to ship. Although we can never guarantee how the carriers will ultimately handle the boxes, the process outlined below has been very successful for domestic and international shipments. I hope this is helpful!

How to Ship Antique Dolls
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How To Pack Antique Bisque Dolls For Safe Shipping


· 2-3 disposable baby diapers per doll head

· Tissue Paper

· Small Bubble Wrap Paper

· Styrofoam or Eco-Friendly Packing Peanuts

· Cardboard Box that doll will fit in wrapped and bubbled

· 2nd Larger Cardboard box that the first box will fit into with a minimum of 1-2 inches of space on all sides

· Packing Tape

· Fragile Stickers or Permanent Marker to write on the outside of the box


1. Open pate and fill doll head with a soft pack of tissue. Replace pate and wig.

2. Wrap the doll in tissue paper

3. Place two baby diapers snugly over the head and chest plate and use closures or rubber bands to secure. Extra wrap for bisque arms and chest plates! Separate the feet with tissue to preserve shoes from friction.

4. Wrap complete doll with small bubble paper.

5. Wrap again with large bubble paper. Also, if shipping large dolls, a small square box placed over the wrapped doll head before putting it inside the inner box is extra security.

6. Place a 2-3" layer of packing peanuts in the bottom of the smallest box

7. Place doll face down on packing peanuts/if two dolls place face down w/ heads at each end.

8. Fill all around with packing peanuts, making sure that peanuts surround all sides and ends of doll/s. The wrapped doll heads should not touch the side of the box. There should be lots of packing peanuts between the wrapped head/s and the end of the box.

9. Seal the smaller box making sure that there are enough packing peanuts inside that it is somewhat tight to close and tape. (What can't move, can't break!)

10. Cover the bottom of the outside box with about a 1" layer of packing peanuts.

11. Center the inside box into the larger box.

12. Fill in all-around with packing peanuts and on top, again making sure it is a snug fit and tight seal.

13. Seal all seams with tape several times on top, bottom, and sides!

14. Mark FRAGILE on all sides and top

15. Ready to Ship!

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